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Global Clinical Engineering Alliance Awards

GCEA has established a recognition program to honor and promote the best models of organizations and individuals whose expertise, passion, and practice made outstanding contributions that impact the field of clinical engineering and/or healthcare outcomes. This recognition program is led by the Awards Committee in accordance with the GCEA Bylaw (article 27).

The Awards Committee has the mandate to establish and sustain the criteria and administration of the review and selection processes of nominated candidates for the awards.

The nominees will be individuals, groups, or societies who have demonstrated outstanding global achievements in research, education, development, collaboration, or service provision for the benefit of Global Clinical Engineering and/or healthcare outcomes, made significant enhancements to the interests and activities of the GCEA or the Clinical Engineering profession, or through extraordinary accomplishments enhanced the safety, health, and quality of life of patients worldwide.

Each of the nominations must include sufficient information to identify the candidate's professional practice and the outstanding contributions made, and contain such information as a Curriculum Vitae, short biography, and evidence of impact.
All of the supporting information has to be submitted together with the submission form, placing special attention to respond to the established nomination criteria categories.

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