GCEA Collaborative Capacity Building Award

Recognizing outstanding contributions in the Clinical Engineering Profession.

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Award Description

This award recognizes groups or societies for their contribution toward collaboration with other countries to improve their knowledge, education, capacities, and status in the Clinical Engineering field.



The efforts of the nominated groups or societies that have gained global recognition in the Clinical Engineering field, health care system, and communities through a demonstrated combination of the following categories:

  1. Professional Capacity Building  
    A. Created capacity building program for improving Clinical Engineering knowledge and skills.
    B. Conducted cross-training programs.
    C. Implemented original scheme.
    D. Adjusted attender’s demand in each country’s environment.
    E. Developed both lecture and practice.
    F. Produced skilled professional worker in the clinical engineering field.

  1. Collaboration 
    A. Built relationships across different counties, regions, or organizations to solve their own problems.
    B. Created effective work and accomplish the goals together.
    C. Formed partnerships to encourage Clinical Engineering field.
    D. Developed sustainable collaborative environment.

  2. Contribution
    A. Significant importance topics or challenges described in the Clinical Engineering field (universality, urgency, impact, etc.).
    B. Profitable collaboration in sustainable practice (applicability, problem-solving value, etc.).
    C. Benefit for both parties who collaborated.
    D. Contributed to patient safety, healthcare technology, and services.
    E. Measured the contribution in the area involving social philanthropic and cultural area.



One prize per two years. All nominations for this award must be submitted two month prior of the international event such as ICEHTMC.





Award and Presentation

GCEA Collaborative Capacity Building Award will be given at the same time as international events such as ICEHTMC.

GCEA awards will be distributed worldwide by the GCEA website.

Special presentations events are recommended and hold by a webinar, newsletter, or journal.


Click here to nominate a Group or Society for the 2021 Award!