Global CE Day

An annual event to honor our international colleagues and share the value of our profession with global healthcare.

Global Clinical Engineering Day


Our first celebration was in October, 2016, where over 100 Clinical Engineering professionals gathered online to celebrate the accomplishments of the CE field in a worldwide scenario.

The main scope of this annual celebration is to gather our international community for an event that will focus on sharing international CE milestones that will inspire others to keep pushing our profession into a new horizon.

Now in 2021, we'll celebrate the 7th edition of the Global CE Day, with hopefully more international societies and colleagues sharing their accomplishments.

In this section of the website, we're delighted to share with you this compendium of materials gathered by GCEA collaborators. If your national society submitted information and/or content to any of the annual celebrations and they're not listed on this site, please contact us directly.

2020 Global CE Day Materials

United Kingdom

American College of Clinical Engineering

IFMBE Clinical Engineering Division

2018 Global CE Day Materials


IFMBE Clinical Engineering Division

World Health Organization

2016 Global CE Day Materials

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