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Healthcare Technology Foundation

The Healthcare Technology Foundation was founded on the principle that achieving improvement in the safe use of healthcare technology requires diverse stakeholders to come together in order to utilize their collective knowledge on the design, use, integration, and servicing of healthcare technology, systems, and devices.
The Mission of Healthcare Technology Foundation is to:
"Improve healthcare delivery outcomes by promoting the development, application, and support of safe and effective healthcare technologies."
The Foundation supports:
  • The creation of safety-related education material that is useful to members of the public and clinical professionals.
  • The promotion of excellence in clinical engineering leadership through research, education, and certification.
  • Funding of related research and programs across the spectrum of Medical Devices and Clinical Users.
  • Identifying meaningful opportunities for collaborations between medical device producers, regulators, users, medical device manufacturers, and Clinical Engineers.

The Healthcare Technology Foundation vía Global Clinical Engineering Alliance is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

Healthcare Technology Foundation Council

Elliot Sloane


Jennifer Ott


Wayne Morse


Tom Bauld

Yadin David

Qusai Shikari

Ronda Bradley

Barrett Franklin

James Wear

Tobey Clark

Jill Marion

Paul Coss

JoAnne Phillips

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