HTF Programs

Improving patient outcomes through funding of high-impact initiatives.

At Healthcare Technology Foundation we offer the following programs:

  • Clinical Alarms Management and Integration - This program is identifying issues and opportunities to improve clinical alarm design, integration, operation, response, and actions. Our contact person is Tobey Clark.
  • Patient Safety and Education Program – The program provides resources for improving patient safety with education of the public on the safe use of patient devices in the home environment. Brochures have been developed on "Home Devices – Can I Bring My Own Medical Device with Me to the Hospital?" and "Fire Safety & Oxygen: A Patient Guide." The brochures are published in English and Spanish and posted on the HTF website. Our contact is Jim Wear.
  • Shepherd Patient Safety Award - The annual Shepherd Patient Safety Award recognizes a deserving clinical engineer/biomedical engineer who advanced patient safety through the design, use, support, education, and/or management of health care technologies. This individual could be an inventor, accident investigator, an author, an educator, a promoter of the safe use of technology in health care, and/or other persons with recognized patient safety accomplishments. This award is administered jointly with the ACCE.
  • Tools for Managing Integrated Technology Risk - HTF and AAMl are working together to develop and offer an education and training program to health care systems on systems engineering topics, with the goal of increasing the skills and ability of clinical technology professionals to apply systems engineering tools and principles to their work.