GCEA Technician/ Technologist Leadership Award

Recognizing outstanding contributions in the Clinical Engineering Profession.


Award Description
This award recognizes a Technologist or Technician who practices in healthcare those functions and demonstrates outstanding efforts to contribute toward the promotion of the clinical engineering field through their leadership skills and service.

The scope of the demonstrated efforts of the nominated individual must be wide enough to have gained global/ or regional recognition in the Clinical Engineering field, health care system, and related communities through the clear accomplishment of the following categories:

Professional work
A. Demonstrated a high level of professionalism.
B. Advanced the mission of the BMET. Perform technical tasks to aid in research, design, manufacture, assembly, operation, maintenance, safety, or repair of medical equipment
C. Implemented routine job expectations by taking initiative and inspiring others to work collaboratively and creatively.
D. Served a minimum of 15 years as a technologist or technician.
E. Demonstrated initiative and leadership skills for a minimum of 5 years.

A. Significant important topics or challenges resolved related to the Clinical Engineering field (universality, urgency, impact, etc.).
B. Contributed to the promotion of patient safety, healthcare technology innovation and management, and practices exemplary services.
C. Participated in community activities and demonstrated contribution in social philanthropic and cultural areas.
D. Effectively promoted the Clinical Engineering mission, vision, and strategic plans in the biomedical engineering field internationally /regionally

A. Demonstrated transformative and innovative leadership skills by empowering other staff and fostering effective change to contribute to the success of the Clinical engineering field.
B. Developed and maintained positive relationships with other Technicians/ Technologists and staff members across the clinical engineering field to design, deliver, and drive engagement.
C. Participated in local or regional meetings and in teaching/training/ or publication reflecting self-professional development
D. Served as a role model for others.

Yearly; Once in the ICEHTMC or Once on the CE Day.

Plaque and registration fee of the international congress

Event and Presentation
GCEA Technician/Technologist Leadership Award will be given at the same time as international events such as ICEHTMC and CE Day. GCEA awards will be distributed worldwide by the GCEA website.

Special presentation events are recommended and held by a webinar, newsletter, or journal.