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Global Clinical Engineering Alliance

In the last 15 years, Clinical Engineering experienced an amazing growth of international interactions.

In 2015, the I International Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Management Congress ICEHTMC was promoted, and additional initiatives dedicated only to clinical engineering subjects followed: the Clinical Engineering Day, the Global Clinical Engineering Journal, and the Global Clinical Engineering Summit.

In October 2020, during CE day, it was announced the creation of the Global Clinical Engineering Alliance – GCEA with a mission to serve the international community of Clinical Engineering professionals by promoting research and sharing best practices through collaboration with healthcare stakeholders.

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Bylaws | Constitution | First Annual Report

GCEA was created to:

  • Empower and recognize the Clinical Engineering profession for its unique contribution to improving healthcare delivery outcomes.
  • Serve the interests of patients and care providers everywhere by leveraging alliances of limited resources available in and around the Clinical Engineering profession.
  • Combine strengths and jointly leverage national associations to address shared healthcare challenges.
  • Provide international professional networking between and across healthcare stakeholders, associations, policy makers, global agencies, academia, government, and industry.
  • Prepare Clinical Engineering professionals for career opportunities through harmonization and promotion of adequate Clinical Engineering education, proper competence, and ethical training.
  • Provide a platform to identify, educate, contribute to, and share best practices, technical guidelines, and regulations related to healthcare technologies.
  • Promote Clinical Engineering understanding of healthcare technology lifecycles, development, and commercialization and participate in publishing outcomes from their involvement in these cycles.
  • Educate the public about the importance that the role of Clinical Engineering practitioners fulfills in public health, safety, and welfare.

Our goal is to educate and advocate through global CE alliances by serving as One Voice, for One Field, for All Patients and staff Everywhere!

We, therefore, support the updating and expansion of education programs designed to improve systems thinking, standards and regulatory frameworks, and research that produces data on the relationship between optimal management of technology deployment and measured care outcomes.
The success of the alliances will support education programs that produce competent professionals who are needed to lead and participate in the practice of each of the life cycles of the technology, thus delivering effectiveness and efficiency to low, medium, and high resources locations.
This mandates that these trained professionals be able to place optimal programs ensuring that the technology they are responsible for is in a patient-ready condition when needed. The CE field seeks to collaborate with other international healthcare stakeholders to achieve these goals

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