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Hacking Coronavirus Initiative

Revised sources for the Clinical Engineering professionals who are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March 2020, a group of CE and Marketing experts gathered to challenge two complimentary problems that the COVID-19 pandemic had brought to healthcare professionals; the excess overflow of information related to the pandemic and the credibility of these sources. Supported by the IFMBE Clinical Engineering Division, the Hacking Coronavirus initiative has been supporting over 10,000 Clinical Engineers and Healthcare professionals with a daily weekday email newsletter that contains valuable citations gathered and revised by a team of experts.

In this section of the GCEA website, we host all the materials that have been published in our newsletters; we hope you enjoy it and that it's useful for both you and your team.

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Hacking Coronavirus Team

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Publications, guidelines, and tools for Clinical Engineers.


CE at the Forefront

Success stories and images of our CE colleagues fighting the pandemic.



Healthcare & business-related COVID-19 publications, news, and strategies.


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Distinguished COVID-19 sources with publications, tools, and more.

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