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Clinical engineering practitioners increase access to healthcare and improve patient experience and outcomes through the effective development, adoption, and management of healthcare technology. This is our core mission. It is what drives us as a profession.

We recognize that many individuals work in this field across the globe: they might work in a variety of healthcare settings, in academic organizations, for industry, within government bodies, and for non-government organizations. Our strength comes from this diverse spectrum of experience and we welcome membership from all sectors.

Capability Statement

With the collective experience of so many professionals working in every aspect of healthcare, GCEA has a wealth of knowledge of healthcare technology management from around the world. Holding respect borne of its frontline members in hospitals and health settings, GCEA has the credibility to influence policy regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Our stated aim is to have “one voice internationally” to represent the interests of Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Management professionals by promoting education and training, best practice, practical research, collaboration, professional competency, and innovation – all with the express goal of increasing access to healthcare and improving patient experience, outcomes, and community wellness.

Membership Categories

The Alliance recognizes the contribution made by a wide variety of individuals and organizations and has a broad range of membership categories to accommodate this. Please choose the category that best suits you:

Membership Organizations (MO)

  • This is our primary membership category and is open to national and transnational membership societies and organizations representing clinical engineering partitions (where this is interpreted in the broad sense to reflect local terminologies and structures)
  • These membership societies and organizations might represent staff working in the field of clinical engineering in any employment setting: hospitals, healthcare settings, universities, industry, governmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations.
  • Membership Organizations have full voting rights; their membership can stand for elected office with GCEA, have full rights to join working groups and committees, and have full access to all GCEA resources.

Industry Based Organizations and associations (IBO)

  • Individual companies and trade associations working in the field of healthcare technology
  • Industry Based Organizations and associations have restricted voting rights, can join working groups and committees, and have full access to all GCEA resources.

Other related Professional Organizations (PO)

  • Healthcare-related professional bodies, including medical, nursing, scientific, allied health, and social care.
  • Professional Organizations have restricted voting rights, can join working groups and committees, and have full access to all GCEA resources.

Individual Membership (IM)

  • Individual membership is generally reserved for individuals working in regions of the world that are not represented by a Membership Organization.
  • GCEA encourages the formation of national and transnational membership organizations and will support individual members in their efforts to establish these.
  • Individual Members have full rights to join working groups and committees and have full access to all GCEA resources.

International or Regional Philanthropically, Policy Think Tank, Foundations (IPF)

  • Active in the field of healthcare including charities, non-governmental organizations, non-for-profit groups
  • International or regional Philanthropically, policy think tanks, Foundations have restricted voting rights, can join working groups and committees, and have full access to all GCEA resources.
  • Advice on membership categories is available from our Membership Secretary.


The Alliance recognizes that there are also many organizations active in this or related fields who might wish to collaborate with us on specific projects or in ongoing relationships to our mutual benefit, but without wishing to become members. These partner collaborations are also encouraged. See our Partnership Statement (reference and link)

Benefits of being a Member?

The main feature of GCEA collaborations is increasing the reach and value of healthcare services through the effective use of technology. Access to healthcare is enabled and supported by technology and, by increasing coordination between our members, our partners, and other stakeholders in the field, GCEA continues to build networks and connections to improve patient experience and patient outcomes in any and all situations and move toward universal access to healthcare.

Whether by becoming a member or forming a partnership with GCEA, there are many benefits for your organization including:

  • Shared expertise and experience from leaders in the field of healthcare technology development, adoptions, and management.
  • Access to networks of clinical engineering partitions on the ground in healthcare settings around the world to help deliver projects
  • Training and education programs in all aspects of healthcare technology; user guides, technical support, implementation and deployment, clinical use of technology.
  • Access to unparalleled resources for professional development programs in the field of Clinical Engineering, including our international credentialing scheme.
  • Shared resources for educating the public about the role of technology as an enabler of fairer healthcare solutions
  • Raised visibility and enhanced advocacy for your organization in your local region and on the international stage
  • A platform to promote understanding of common problems and challenges, publishing across diverse publications
  • Well delivered and designed projects that will benefit those most in need
  • Improved access to funding opportunities, including our own GCEA Foundation.

Our expertise

A truly global organization, GCEA benefits from the collective experience of thousands of clinical engineering practitioners from every healthcare setting and a diverse range of organizations.

  • Healthcare technology development, management, and adoption
  • Training and mentoring both technical and clinical use of technology
  • Practical support and advice for healthcare technology managers
  • Healthcare technology project management and delivery
  • Engineering solutions to healthcare challenges
  • Cost-effective technology solutions and implementations
  • Healthcare technology research

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