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Hellenic Society of Biomedical Technology


The Hellenic Society of Biomedical Technology (ELEVIT) is a scientific association, which aims to general promotion of technological applications in biomedical sciences. More specifically, it aims to strengthen research and promote education in the field of Biomedical Technology.

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INBIT - Institute of Biomedical Technology


INBIT is a non-profit organization that constitutes an initiative for the advancement of the applied field of Biomedical Technology. INBIT aims to effectively promote the areas of Biomedical Technology Management, Assessment, Safety, and Quality in the health care sector.

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AIIC - LÁssociazione Italiana Ingegneri Clinici


The Italian Association of Clinical Engineers, founded in Milan in 1993, has the institutional purpose of protecting the figure of the Clinical Engineer by contributing to the dissemination of Clinical Engineering Services within healthcare companies as a governing element of Biomedical Technologies.

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JACE - Japan Association for Clinical Engineers


JACE is a non-profit organization and the member is above 21,000. It aims to contribute to the advancement of Japanese citizens’ quality of life by raising the professional ethics of clinical engineers, improvement of professional knowledge and their qualities, and refining the reliability of medical care and welfare supported by equipment such as life support equipment.

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ABECLIN - Brazilian Association of Clinical Engineering


In April 2002 a group of Clinical Engineers started meeting once a week at the Hospital do Coração where they started activities with the sole objective of creating the Brazilian Association of Clinical Engineering. For a period there was an interruption of work, but in March 2003 the activities of the work group were resumed, culminating with the foundation of the Brazilian Association of Clinical Engineering on October 16, 2003.

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CMBES - Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering


The Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society is Canada's principal society for engineering in medicine and biology. It is a member of Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) and affiliated with the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE).

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CEASA - The Clinical Engineering Association of South Africa


CEASA is a voluntary association of Clinical Engineering practitioners. Our members practice at all levels within both state and private sector healthcare delivery systems in South Africa, also in the allied medical devices supply and support industry.

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AMTZ - Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone Limited


Medical technology park with Common Manufacturing Facilities & Common Scientific Facilities that include specialized laboratories, warehousing, and testing centers such as the Center for Electromagnetic compatibility and safety testing, Center for Biomaterial Testing, Center for 3-D printing, Centers for Lasers, MRI Magnets, Gamma Irradiation, Molds, and many other industrial service centers.

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BEAI - Biomedical / Clinical Engineering Association of Ireland


BEAI aims to promote and encourage the professional development of Biomedical Engineering personnel through training and restructuring; to advance the science, technology, ethics, and art of Biomedical Engineering; to facilitate co-operation and understanding among Biomedical/Clinical Engineering personnel and other healthcare professionals.

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APBIO - Peruvian Association for Bioengineering


The Peruvian Association for Bioengineering APBIO, founded on July 4, 2011, has the purpose of promoting the development, research, and dissemination of biomedical engineering and its specialties, in particular, clinical engineering and healthcare technology management aimed at recovering and modernizing the health system and related companies


CIB Mexican College for Biomedical Engineering


CIB is formed by professionals in Biomedical Engineering and its affiliated disciplines, with the purpose of contributing toward unification and offering a sense of belonging among its members. CIB seeks to work for benefit of national health and to promote beneficial actions within its community.

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TBIO - Tanzania Bio-Electronics Information Organization


TBIO was formed as another player among many trying to bridge the gap in the health care system in the country. A thorough observation through situational analysis of the health care system culminated in the need to establish a parallel organization that will support the efforts of the government towards the provision of quality health services.

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TNBMEA  - Tamilnadu Biomedical Engineers Association


Founded in 2014, Tamilnadu Biomedical Engineers Association (TNBMEA) is a not-for-profit organization committed to advocate, promote and enhance the profession of Biomedical Engineering/ Clinical Engineering/ Healthcare Technology Management within the government health delivery institutions in the state of Tamilnadu. The members of the association are Biomedical Engineers working in the government health delivery institutions in the state of Tamilnadu.

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Verlab Research Institute for biomedical engineering, medical devices and artificial intelligence - Verlab Institute


Verlab Institute is a structured institution in the capacity of a legal entity. The Institute is founded around Verlab Ltd.. company. It's main goal is to generate, apply, and disseminate research findings through a global ecosystem of forward-looking stakeholders and build capacity by empowering the next generation of technology-enabled professionals.

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Individuals from countries without an Association Member at GCEA

Pedro Galván (Paraguay) 🇵🇾

Mohamed M. Omer (Sudan) 🇸🇩

Victor Makwinja (Malawi) 🇲🇼

Greg Cabral (Belize) 🇧🇿

Christopher Nowak (USA) 🇺🇸

Jean Ngoie (UK) GB

Abigail Lane-Savage (USA) 🇺🇸

Freddy Matamoros Espinoza (Ecuador)

Manish Kohli MD (USA)  US

Michael Walton (UK) GB

Fred Walter Hosea (Ecuador)  EC



Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation


Global Clinical Engineering Alliance (GCEA) and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) cooperated in the international Clinical Engineering field since the hosting of the 4th International Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Management Congress in October 2021. During the preparations for the 2022 Global CE Day celebrations, the two organizations express their intention to forge closer collaboration and signed the following Press Release: click here to read.

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International HealthTechScan

International HealthTechScan


A Scientific Association and a collaborative network of members for the exchange of information on new, emerging, and obsolete stages of health technologies including drugs, devices, diagnostics, procedures, programs, and settings. 

The long-term aim of EuroScan is to establish a framework to share skills, knowledge and experience on horizon scanning of emerging, new, and obsolete health technologies.

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