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Oxygen Concentrators for Individual Patients and Health Facilities

GCEA Webinar July 2022

Safety and Quality of Medical Equipment

5. W_GCEA_11 May

Multi-National Clinical Engineering Collaboration Model Between Japan and Myanmar

4. W_GCEA_7 April

National Clinical Engineering Certification

3. W_GCEA_March 9

Global-Regulation and Standards During the COVID-19 Era

2. W_GCEA_9 Feb

What must a Clinical Engineer know regarding Digital Health

W_GCEA_8 dic

What are the CE activities worldwide(BoP), and the needed knowledge(BoK), to perform them

W_GCEA_10 nov

Project Management for the Boss: Executive Sponsor

W_GCEA_13 oct

Why is GCEA Important for our Profession

W_GCEA_29 Sept

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